Dag A. Lorentzen

Dag Lorentzen. Photo: UNIS

Dag A. Lorentzen

Department leader - Arctic Geophysics

Phone: +47 77 01 66 45
E-mail: dag.lorentzen@unis.no
Room: B 328

Dag A. Lorentzen is professor in upper polar atmosphere and the department leader of the Arctic Geophysics Department. He is heading the UNIS contribution in the Centre of Excellence (CoE) Birkeland Centre for Space Science, led by the University of Bergen together with UNIS and NTNU.

Dag A. Lorentzen in UNIS news:

29.12.2020: Svalbard’s special northern lights
19.10.2016: SuperDARN officially opened
12.11.2012: UNIS partner in a new Norwegian Centre of Excellence (SFF)
25.04.2008: Northern lights glimmer with unexpected trait

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