The University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS) is the world’s northernmost higher education institution, located in Longyearbyen at 78º N. We provide research-based education of the next generation of Arctic experts in biology, geology, geophysics and technology.

Latest news

Aurora forecast in 3D!

20 September 2017 The Aurora Forecast 3D app is released just in time for the dark season. It forecasts the aurora oval up to +0, +1, and +4 hours ahead in time at any location on the planet using a 3D graphical layout.

Glacier dynamics in Svalbard fjords

12 September 2017 Anne Elina Flink has studied marine terminating Svalbard glaciers and the traces they have left in the geological record. Flink will defend her PhD thesis on Tuesday 19 September at UNIS.

Apply for spring courses now

11 September 2017 Application is now open for UNIS spring courses. The application deadline is 15 October 2017.

The snow crab has arrived!

25 August 2017 Snow crab has been found in Raudfjorden in northern Spitsbergen for the first time. The speed of which it spreads indicates that it soon will be found along the western coast of Svalbard. Does this mean that a new source of income is literally crabbing in to Longyearbyen?

Longyearbyen live – 360 degree panorama

Live web camera from the roof of Svalbard Science Centre: