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UNISprout is a project designed to support the planned fieldwork of Guest Master and PhD students by offering Bachelor students the opportunity to join in as a field or lab assistant.

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Publications from our researchers

Arctic Geology

Svalbox Digital Model Database: A geoscientific window into the High Arctic

Peter Betlem Anders Dahlin Aleksandra Smyrak-Sikora Kim Senger

Arctic Geology

Effects of glacier retreat upon glacier-groundwater coupling and biogeochemistry in Central Svalbard

Andy Hodson

Arctic Geology

Glacier area changes in the Arctic and high latitudes using satellite remote sensing

Riko Noormets

Arctic Technology

Integrated assessment of biological responses to pollution in wild mussels (Mytilus edulis) from subarctic and arctic areas in the Norwegian sea

Tomasz Maciej Ciesielski

Arctic Geophysics

Interhemispheric asymmetries of neutral upwelling and ion upflow

Kjellmar Oksavik

Arctic Geology

OP-ED: Ligger Svalbards energiframtid i jordens indre?

Kim Senger Malte Jochmann Snorre Olaussen

Norwegian Centres for Excellence in education


bioCEED is one of Norway’s “Sentre for fremragende utdanning” (SFU) and has four major focus areas: Learning culture, innovative teaching, practical training and outreach. Students and teachers are working as partners, creating projects and developing the future of biology education in a comfortable learning environment for everyone.


iEarth is a part of the centre of excellence and is a student-focused and innovative learning environment that empowers tomorrow’s geoscience students to meet complex societal challenges.We are using active learning methods and address current issues in an integrated national geoscience education with a global perspective.

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