Fate of copepods in a warming Arctic dependent on the algae season

14 November 2019 The duration of the productive season is crucial for the Arctic copepod Calanus glacialis to have higher success than its Atlantic sibling C. finmarchicus in a changing Arctic, concludes PhD candidate Maja Hatlebakk in her doctoral thesis. Hatlebakk will defend her thesis on Wednesday 20 November at UNIS.

Marine drones on Svalbard

11 November 2019 Mini-research ship lands safely in Longyearbyen after two month drift west of Svalbard.

Extended application deadline – Bachelor and Master/PhD courses spring 2020

8 November 2018 Would you like to study in Svalbard next spring? We have extended application deadline for some courses in Arctic Biology, Arctic Geophysics, and Arctic Technology. Apply now – first come, first serve!  

Heavy rainfall events in Svalbard

23 October 2019 In a master's thesis recently completed at the University of Oslo and the University Center in Svalbard (UNIS), Ola Aashamar has studied how well strong precipitation events at Svalbard are represented in the weather model AROME-Arctic.

Atlantification of the marine ecosystem in Kongsfjorden, Svalbard

8 October 2019 Climate warming is rapidly altering the physical marine environment in fjords on the west coast of Svalbard towards a more temperate state. Reductions in sea ice cover and increased ocean temperatures are evident, resulting in changes of ice-associated and pelagic ecosystems.

One million NOK to the Arctic Safety Centre

4 October 2019 Yesterday, the government presented their new business strategy for Svalbard at UNIS. One of the concrete results is the allocation of one million NOK to the Arctic Safety Centre (ASC). – Very positive news, says UNIS director Harald Ellingsen.

UNIS seeks new director

1 October 2019 UNIS is seeking a new managing director. Application deadline is 25 October 2019.

Apply now for spring courses 2020

9 September 2019 Application is now open for UNIS spring courses. The application deadline is 15 October 2019.

About cod, the climate, polar cod and benthic animals

6 September 2019 In July 1873 some nets were put out by whalers in Raudfjorden in Svalbard, to obtain food. They had expected to catch Arctic char, but ended up filling the nets with cod.

Buildings are sinking more than expected

28 August 2019 Researchers began measuring how much buildings in Svalbard are moving two years ago. Already they are seeing surprising results. We're sinking.
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