UNIS Annual Report 2019

27 May 2020 In 2019, 743 students spent shorter or longer periods at UNIS, including both course students and guest master’s students. 50% of the students came from programmes of study at Norwegian universities, the rest from international universities.

Biodiversity Day in Svalbard

22 May 2020 Today is the International Day for Biological Diversity or World Biodiversity Day. We mark this important day by having a couple of our scientists present the work they do within marine biodiversity in Svalbard, whether in the sea ice on the east coast or in Isfjorden outside Longyearbyen.

Changing low pressure tracks in the high Arctic in winter

14 May 2020 Siiri Wickström has studied the regional changes in the atmospheric flow pattern in the high latitude North Atlantic and their impacts locally over Svalbard. The ongoing climate change is amplified at the high latitudes and Svalbard is a hotspot of warming, especially in the winters, Wickström concludes in her PhD thesis, which she will defend digitally on 19 May 2020.

How to conduct field teaching with students scattered around the world?

12 May 2020 The pandemic stopped the field plans for the geology course AG-222 - but it did not stop the authentic exercise. The course teachers organised a virtual field excursion instead, which was conducted online over two days in Mid-April 2020.

UNIS cancels all courses in 2020

29 April 2020 The management at UNIS has carried out a thorough analysis of what "new" normal situation we can aim for this fall. An important element of this analysis has been safety. UNIS will make every effort to ensure that those already present at the institution can be here with minimal risk of Covid-19 infection. UNIS's corporate social responsibility is also emphasized in this context.

Can cruise tourists become citizen scientists?

24 April 2020 The project CRUISE#SCIENCE developed citizen science methods for research dissemination and active learning on board circumnavigating expedition ships in Svalbard. The results of the project, headed by the Department of Arctic Biology at UNIS, show that this kind of citizen involvement has added value for both UNIS and the cruise operator.

Internship and Covid-19

21 April 2020 Despite the Covid-19 situation, our five students in the bioCEED internship course have managed to continue their work for their clients – whether from their home “office” in Longyearbyen, in mainland Norway or in Australia.

A different kind of spring in Svalbard

8 April 2020 I am proud of our students and staff who have in a short time reorganized their everyday life to adapt to the new situation we are in. Through joint efforts, we will reach the goal of this semester and together face the new challenges that will come, writes UNIS director Jøran Moen.

UNIS will gradually open from 27 April 2020

7 April 2020 Universities will be opened to a small group of students and staff from 27 April, the Norwegian government announced today. This means that UNIS remains closed through 26 April and will gradually open for certain students, PhD and postdocs from Monday 27 April.

How to live a corona-adapted student life

2 April 2020 UNIS invite all current course students to an online meeting tomorrow, where issues such as tips on daily study routines and how to prepare for the exam period will be addressed.
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