Available places on some autumn semester courses

10 May 2019 You still have the chance to study at UNIS this summer and autumn! We have some available spots for qualified applicants. Send us an e-mail today to apply!

Minister visit

6 May 2019 This weekend we had the pleasure of hosting our Minister of education and research, Ms. Iselin Nybø.

Funding for cross-disciplinary project in student active learning

29 April 2019 Last week, UNIS and BioCEED was granted funding of 4.7 million NOK to the project "Development, testing and evaluation of tools and assessment forms to enhance constructive alignment in field teaching".

Drones help reveal the secrets of glacier crevasses

26 April 2019 Many of the glaciers in Svalbard are heavily crevassed. A multidisciplinary research group is now using drones to create high-resolution maps of glacier surfaces to study how crevasses influence the rate of heat exchange with the atmosphere.

Svalbard reindeer graze on seaweed in tough winters

25 April 2019 A new study reveals that the Svalbard reindeer turn to alternative food sources in tough winters, when the tundra get glazed over by ice. New research shows that the reindeer find alternative food along the shoreline, in form of kelp and seaweed.

Gas hydrates in Svalbard

15 April 2019 The cold of Norway’s High Arctic may just be cold enough to push natural gas into a different phase; one where natural gas combines with a cage of water molecules to form a hydrate structure.

Here are our excellent teaching practitioners

8 April 2019 Pernille Bronken Eidesen (UNIS) and Christian Jørgensen (UiB) both receive the status of excellent teaching practitioners. Eidesen says it is a great honour to become an excellent teacher, and she feels a collegial responsibility.

Cold, but not cold enough!

22 March 2019 The frost smoke has been hovering above Adventfjorden the past few weeks, but still the fjord is without an ice cover. So what is the sea temperature now?

Autumn courses 2019 open for application

18 March 2019 Apply now for UNIS autumn semester courses! The application deadline is 15 April 2019.

Algae – the foundation of life

15 March 2019 Due to all the ongoing and predicted climate changes it is obvious that primary productivity in the Arctic is going to change – but still, there is very little reliable information available on the subject. PhD candidate Ane Cecilie Kvernvik has studied single-celled sea ice algae in Svalbard.
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