External clients working for UNIS

All external clients (in Norwegian: oppdragstakere) must sign a client agreement prior to the commencement of the work/assignment at UNIS. At present, external clients at UNIS are defined as:

  • guest lecturers,
  • external examiners,
  • external members of judging committees,
  • external opponents,
  • external members of boards and councils,
  • external practical training supervisors.

Template for external client agreement:

Procedure for entering into an excternal client agreement and the case handling process at UNIS is described in the following routine:

Once the work/assignment has been completed, the external client shall upload and submit a salary voucher and any travel expenses to Travel & Expenses – Unit4 (T&E).

Please contact salary@unis.no if you do not have a user account in Travel & Expenses – Unit4 (T&E) or have any questions.

Booking of travel/accommodation

Booking of travel and/or accommodation for adjunct professors/associate professors, external clients and other guests

All adjunct professors/associate professors and other guests of UNIS shall register themselves using the online form below in order for UNIS Booking to book air tickets and/or accommodation at UNIS Guest House (UGH).

Please note that booking of air tickets and/or accommodation via other booking channels will not be reimbursed.

Click on the relevant link below to register:

Other booking related questions

Please contact booking@unis.no for other booking related questions such as rental of UNIS facilities.

Salary, remunerations/fees and expenses

Below you will find relevant forms for salary, remunerations/fees, expenses and accounting for adjunct professors/associate professors, external clients and other guests.

To download: Right click and choose ‘Save Target As’ to save the forms on your computer. The form must be filled in and uploaded in Travel & Expenses – Unit4 (T&E).

Forms for external clients:

Forms for external guests that only claim direct expenses:

Forms for employees employed on hourly basis:

Expenses claims should be sent via Travel & Expenses – Unit4 (T&E).

Relevant regulations governing travel

Travel at the State’s expenses («Særavtale om dekning av utgifter til reise og kost innenlands at the state’s expense») apply to all business trips on behalf of UNIS.

For compensation for domestic travel, please see the conditions in the State Personnel Handbook, Chapter 9.2.

Government travel allowance scale for domestic travel (lovdata.no) (Norwegian)

For compensation for travel abroad, please see the conditions in the State Personnel Handbook, Chapter 9.3.

Government travel allowance scale for travel abroad (lovdata.no) (Norwegian)


Please contact salary@unis.no or invoice@unis.no if you have any questions related to salary, remunerations/fees, expenses or accounting, including Travel & Expenses – Unit4 (T&E).