UNIS’ faculty consist of ca. 12 full professors, 15 associate professors, 36 professor II and about 160 guest lecturers who specialize in Arctic issues.

Our experts may help you with questions within a range of research areas.

Press and media requests:
Ingrid Ballari Nilssen, communications adviser.
+ 49 464 43 658

Arctic Technology

Gijsbert Breedveld, Department leader Arctic Technology (English, norsk, nederlands)

Breedveld researches contaminants in soild and groundwater and how they can pose a risk to the environment and our health. PFAS is a new group of contaminants that are of concern, since they have been widely used and are not degraded in the environemtn.

Contact: gijsbertb@unis.no, +47 932 22 345

Øyvind Mikkelsen, Adjunct professor (English, norsk)

Mikkelsen’s main research field concerns pollutants in the Arctic. His research involves understanding the distribution processes and fate of pollutants; origin of pollutants, how do they enter into soil, water, biota, fauna, and what happens with the pollutants over time in the Arctic environment.

Contact: oyvindm@unis.no, +47 928 99 450

Arctic Biology

Anna Vader, Associate professor, Arctic molecular ecology

Scientific interests are biodiversity and ecological functions of protists (especially microbial eukaryotes and light harvesting), seasonality, environmental drivers and climate change effects (especially Atlantification), sea-ice communities

Contact: Anna Vader, +47 410 07 567

Arctic Geophysics

Eero Rinne, Associate Professor (English, suomi)

Eero is an expert on measuring snow and ice from statellites. He builds global estimates of several essential climate variables, surch as glacier and sea ice change.

Contact: eeror@unis.no, +47 916 17 607

Lisa Baddeley, Associate Professor (English)

I use radar systems to study how Space Weather (particles and energy emitted from the Sun) effects to the Earth’s upper atmosphere, above 100km in altitude.  The most dramatic of these effects is the aurora borealis, or Northern Lights.

Contact:  lisab@unis.no (office phone number: 77016675). 


Luke Marsden, Data manager (English)

Marsden helps researchers share and publish their data in ways that increase the chances that they will be used again. He works primarily on the Nansen Legacy project, that involves more than 200 scientists from 10 research institutions across Norway.

Contact: lukem@unis.no +47 770 16 676

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