New episode of The ColdCast

A new episode of The ColdCast is out! Join our chat with Heidi Sevestre about the importance of communicating the science.

Science communicator and glaciologist Heidi Sevestre joins us in this episode of The ColdCast. Photo: Maria Philippa Rossi

In this episode of The ColdCast we meet glaciologist and science communicator Heidi Sevestre. In the spring of 2021, Heidi and three fellow glaciologists went on a month-long research expedition in Svalbard – on skis! And what they experienced there was too important to not be communicated. Heidi’s passion is that science and research gets communicated beyond academia. It’s important that the knowledge reaches politicians, stakeholders – and you!  

The podcast is produced by technician Simen Salomonsen Hjelle and information adviser Maria Philippa Rossi.

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