Kjellmar Oksavik

Adjunct Professor, Space Physics

Professor Kjellmar Oksavik is working at the University of Bergen (UiB) and has an adjunct position at UNIS.

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Interhemispheric asymmetries of neutral upwelling and ion upflow

Kjellmar Oksavik

Space and atmospheric physics on Svalbard: a case for continued incoherent scatter radar measurements under the cusp and in the polar cap boundary region

Lisa Baddeley Dag A. Lorentzen Stein Haaland Kjellmar Oksavik Noora Partamies

On the Creation, Depletion, and End of Life of Polar Cap Patches

Dag A. Lorentzen Kjellmar Oksavik Lisa Baddeley

Multi-Instrument Observations of the Evolution of Polar Cap Patches Associated With Flow Shears and Particle Precipitation

Kjellmar Oksavik

A Comparative Study on the Hot Dense Plasma and Cold Patch by Using Multi-Instrument Observations

Kjellmar Oksavik

Direct Observation of the Space Hurricane Disturbed Polar Thermosphere

Kjellmar Oksavik