The University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS) is the world’s northernmost higher education institution, located in Longyearbyen at 78º N. We provide research-based education of the next generation of Arctic experts in biology, geology, geophysics and technology.

Latest news

Autumn courses with extended application deadline

25 April 2016 Some courses in Arctic biology, Arctic geophysics, and Arctic technology have an extended application deadline until 8 May 2016 – Apply today!

Accidental shot at UNIS

19 April 2016 An accidental shot was fired in the logistics area inside UNIS Sunday evening at around 23:00 h. Nobody was injured. The accident happened while emptying a rifle of ammunition.

Freezing plants to predict the fate of the Arctic

31 March 2016 Global warming means much warmer winters in the Arctic, with more rain and icing. Researchers are working to understand what that will do to plants that have evolved to overwinter under a thick blanket of snow.

Any hope for sea ice this winter?

22 March 2016 If you are longing for sea ice, the development so far is indeed depressing. This winter is unusually warm in Svalbard and we may face the largest failure in sea ice formation in West-Spitsbergen ever, according to scientists from UNIS and the Murmansk Marine Biological Institute.

Longyearbyen live – 360 degree panorama

Live web camera from the roof of Svalbard Science Centre: