Anna Vader

Anna Vader

Anna Vader

Associate professor, Arctic Marine Biology

Mobile: +47 41 00 75 67
Room: B 237

Research project:

MicroFUN:  Investigating the biodiversity and function of terrestrial and marine microbial eukaryotes in Svalbard

Read more about MicroFUN here

Scientific interests:

Activity and biodiversity of arctic protists (mainly pico- and nano-eukaryotes), marine food chains (the use of molecular tools for prey studies of zooplankton), RNA biology

Anna Vader in UNIS news:

24.08.2021: Major biological changes on the shoreline of Svalbard
15.07.2021: Fjord ice in Svalbard – an important kindergarten for seafloor animal babies
08.02.2021: Where is the sea ice?
14.10.2020: Warm Atlantic water wants in, but is prevented from entering Isfjorden
07.07.2020: 2020 – A good sea ice year in Svalbard?
17.12.2019: We measure the temperature of Isfjorden
22.03.2019: Cold, but not cold enough!
03.10.2013: New, carnivorous plant species found in Svalbard


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