Tove Gabrielsen

Tove Gabrielsen

Tove Gabrielsen

Adjunct professor, Arctic Marine Biology

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Professor Tove Gabrielsen works at the University of Agder and holds an adjunct position at UNIS.

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Research interests:

My main interests lie in the molecular ecology and evolution of various organisms. I have a special focus on Arctic protists, and am currently working on the diversity and functioning of marine Arctic picoeukaryotes in the Svalbard waters.

Previous research and interests are in the fields of chloroplast evolution, molecular systematics, plant evolution in relation to climate shifts, phylogeography, and the life history adaptations and genetic consequences of protists and plants to life on the edge.

Research projects:

The Nansen Legacy – Norway’s largest marine research project
Dr. Gabrielsen leads the RA-B Data management and synthesis work group.

MicroFUN: Investigation of the the biodiversity and function of terrestrial and marine microbial eukaryotes in Svalbard.
Read more about MicroFUN here


Tove Gabrielsens Publications list per May 2017 (PDF)

Tove Gabrielsen in UNIS news:

22.03.2019: Cold, but not cold enough!
31.01.2017: Will there be ice on the Svalbard fjords this winter?
04.01.2013: Warm water dominates Svalbard fjords
04.05.2012: Norwegian spring spawning herring extending into the Svalbard fjords

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