2018 in snapshots

AGF-211 studenter sjekker egenskapene og temperatur til iskjerner tatt i St. Jonsfjorden, april 2018.

3 January 2019

Here are some snapshots of the UNIS year 2018. We hope you enjoy them and wish you all a very happy 2019!

January: Safety first and lunar eclipse

As usual, the UNIS academic year kicked-off with the safety course AS-101 Arctic Survival and Safety in January 2018. Photo: Petter W. Sele/UNIS.
Lunar eclipse 31 January 2018. Photo: Emma Bland/UNIS
On 31 January 2018 there was a full lunar eclipse over Svalbard. Photo: Emma Bland/UNIS.


April: Ice coring

AGF-211 students investigate the properties and temperature of an sea ice core in St. Jonsfjorden. Photo: Lars Henrik Smedsrud/UNIS.


June: The very first Arctic Safety Centre course

In June 2018, the very first master course in the Arctic Safety Centre was arranged. Here the AS-301 students are on Nordenskiöldbreen in Billefjorden. Photo: Thorben Dunse/UNIS.


July: Teaching on a glacier

Professor Andy Hodson holds an outdoor lecture for the AG-220 students on Foxfonna outside Longyearbyen. Photo: Mike Retelle/UNIS.


August: Teaching in front of a glacier – and a royal visit!

Professor Mads Forchhammer and AB-201 students in Bjørnfjorden with the mighty Smeerenburgbreen in the background. Photo: Tina Dahl/UNIS.


Harald Ellingsen, King Harald, Queen Sonja
King Harald is greeted by UNIS director Harald Ellingsen outside UNIS on the official royal visit on 9 August 2018. Photo: Eva Therese Jenssen/UNIS.


October: Satellite cans and 25th anniversary

AGF-223 students up at Kjell Henriksen Observatory with their self-built “cansats”. Photo: Mikko Syrjäsuo/UNIS.
Jan Tore Sanner, Minister of Education and Integration, enjoyed brunch together with UNIS students in Sjøskrenten in connection with the UNIS 25th anniversary celebrations. Photo: Eva Therese Jenssen/UNIS.


November: Fieldwork in the darkness

Arctic biology students went to Van Mijenfjorden looking for roundworms and bristle worms in the water column. Photo: Magnus Heide Andresen/UNIS.




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