Maria Jensen

Department leader - Arctic Geology

A 214

Associate professor Maria Jensen is the department leader of the Arctic Geology department.

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Research interests:

Modern coastal sedimentology in the Arctic, reconstruction of climate and sea level from the sedimentological record, sand body geometries in fluvial to nearshore environments.

Ongoing research projects:

  • Sedimentology of a high Arctic tidal flat (RIS-ID 6692)
  • Geological input to carbon storage: from outcrop to simulator (GeC)
  • Sedimentology of the Central Basin Paleogene succession (RIS-ID 3046)
  • Evolution of the Kongsfjorden south coast shoreline (RIS-ID 4839)
  • Stratigraphy of the Quaternary Kapp Ekholm section (RIS-ID 2562)

Recent projects:

  • HACOSE – Multitemporal analysis of High Arctic Coastal Systems Evolution – Braganzavågen and Bjonapynten, Svalbard (RIS-ID 6019)
  • Depositional environments and palaeoclimate developments in the Aspelintoppen Formation, Svalbard (RIS-ID 3574)
  • SciencePub – SciencePub website

PhD and MSc students (*= Co-supervisor):

Berit Husteli
PhD student at UNIS/UiB
Heterogeneities in tidally influenced reservoir rocks
Jacob Uguna
PhD student at University of Nottingham/UNIS*
Oil and coke potential of perhydrous coals in the Central Tertiary Basin, Svalbard
Anna Stella Gudmundsdottir
MSc student at UNIS/University of Gothenburg
Variations in depositional environments of the Firkanten Formation across Adventdalen, from Operafjellet to Breinosa
Olav Naurstad
MSc student at UiB/UNIS*
Sedimentology of the Aspelintoppen Formation, Brogniartfjellet, Svalbard

Previous PhD and MSc students

(*= Co-supervisor):

Thomas Eriksen
Tidal Flat Sedimentation in an Arctic Environment – a Field Study from Braganzavågen, Spitsbergen. MSc 2013.
Abigail Clifton
University of Leeds/UNIS*
The Eocene flora of Svalbard and its climatic significance. PhD 2012.
Samuel Faucherre
>UNIS/University of Bordeaux
Fluvial and Tidal interaction in Braganzavågen, western Svalbard, an ITRAX study. MSc 2011.
Ingvild Aspøy
Sedimentological Development of the Askeladden Sequence of the Todalen Member (Paleocene) at Lunckefjellet, Svalbard. MSc 2011.
Eirik Serigstad
Paleoenvironment and its influence on the distribution of coal deposits in the Todalen Member, Firkanten Formation (lower Paleocene), Svalbard. MSc 2011.
Rita Sande Rød
Spatial occurrences of selected sandstone bodiesin the De Geerdalen Formation, Svalbard, and their relation to depositional facies. MSc 2011.
Ingrid B. Hynne
Investigation of properties of the De Geerdalen Formation as a possible reservoir to store CO2 below Longyearbyen. MSc 2010.
Hilde Krogh
Sedimentær arkitektur og facies i lakustrine deltaavsetninger fra Weichsel i NV Russland. MSc 2010.

Phone: +47 77 01 66 80
Room: A 214


AG-338 Sedimentology Field Course – from Depositional Systems to Sedimentary Architecture (10 ECTS)

AG-838 Sedimentology Field Course – from Depositional Systems to Sedimentary Architecture (10 ECTS)

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