Kjersti Kalhagen

Kjersti Kalhagen

PhD candidate, Physical Oceanography

Phone: +47 79 02 33 00
E-mail: Kjersti.Kalhagen@unis.no
Room: B 322

PhD project (2019-2023):

Cross-slope exchange processes and frontal dynamics north of Svalbard and in the Barents Sea.

Supervisors: Frank Nilsen and Ragnheid Skogseth (UNIS); Ilker Fer (University of Bergen) and Martin Ludvigsen (NTNU/UNIS).

The position is affiliated with The Nansen Legacy – Norway’s largest marine research project , and the goal is to study vorticity dynamics along continental slopes and in troughs into the Barents Sea, water mass exchange processes and lateral mixing across shelf breaks, water mass modifications along the Atlantic boundary current north of Svalbard, and heat fluxes into the Nansen basin and northern Barents Sea.

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