Svalbox is all about Svalbard geology. Svalbox aims to compile and acquire key data sets and publications to provide an interactive 3D geoscientific database of Svalbard.


Hyperittfossen - with Peter Betlem, Gareth Lord and Tereza Mosočiová. Photo: © Peter Betlem. The frozen waterfall at Hyperittfossen is surrounded by igneous intrusions belonging to the Diabasodden Suite. Like faults, intrusions may allow CO2 to escape from the reservoir. Explore Hyperittfossen in 3D by visiting its entry:

We aim to take geoscientific research and education to the next level by placing all key information and data sets in their correct spatial positions. We bring modern technology, in particular cost-effective digital outcrops, to complement more than 200 years of geoscientific research across the archipelago. Finally, Svalbox provides a sustainable platform for sharing results, workflows and teaching material with the wider geoscientific community.