Preparation through instructional videos

FieldPass has produce several videos for different course leaders in order to help students prepare for field and lab activities.


Katie Herlingshaw talking about the operations of the radar at the EISCAT station.

About the project

We have created several video series covering the high variety of research instruments and field methods that exist in Svalbard, and is utilized in the education at UNIS. This project aim is to support the goal of improving the learning outcome from the students field activities.

Videos for: Arctic Geophysics courses utilizing the EISCAT Svalbard Radar

Students at the EISCAT radar, Svalbard, during the UNIS course AGF-216.
Students at the EISCAT radar, Svalbard, during the UNIS course AGF-216. Photo: Pål Brekke/UNIS

We aimed to make instructional videos at a radar site to better prepare the students for their radar experiments and familiarize them with the software used for the operation of the radar and analysis of the data.

Since it is is difficult to give a graded assessment of the skills and competence developed during the part of the fieldwork where the students operate the radar, collect data and analyse them on site, a ‘certificate of achievement’ is given.

Questions to be answered in this project:

  • Are the student better prepared for fieldwork when they have ‘seen’ the radar control computer in action as opposed to when they have a written list of instructions?
  • Is their learning experience at the radar site enhanced / less stressful through the use of video instructions in so far as they have more knowledge of what to expect before they are given control of the radar?
  • Is the teaching experience more streamlined since the same set of instructions do not have to be repeated over and over again by the field responsible?

Videos for: AGF-210, preparation for field excursion to Ny-Ålesund research station

AWIPEV Ny-Ålesund
Students from AGF-210 in Ny-Ålesund. Here they are sending up a weather balloon from the French-German station. Photo: Noora Partamies

Data collection for middle atmospheric studies (the AGF-210 course) requires expensive, complex and highly specified instruments. The students are introduced to these instruments in the guidance of an expert, whose time is limited. Therefore, capturing these moments on video is beneficial. 

A lot of the relevant instrumentation is located in Ny-Ålesund. During the AGF-210 field trip to this small research town, we filmed their activities and made a video series covering the different parts of their trip: a general introduction to Ny-Ålesund, videos on the various instruments, as well as student reflections upon completing their excursion. 

These videos will be shown to the future students prior the field trip, so that they can be better prepared for the upcoming experience. The videos will also be used later to refresh memories, or learn about a certain instrument which was not available during the trip to expand on the library of observational techniques.

*Not all videos are public.

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