UNIS remains closed through 13 April 2020

Two reindeer graze nearby UNIS and Svalbard Science Centre in February. Photo: Anja Strømme/UNIS.

Photo: Anja Strømme/UNIS.

Press release from UNIS

The Norwegian government decided this afternoon to extend the closure of all higher education institutions through 13 April 2020.

Due to the coronavirus situation the Norwegian prime minister announced Tuesday afternoon that the government will extend the closure of all educational institutions through 13 April. This means that UNIS will remain closed until over Easter.

There are no confirmed coronavirus cases in Longyearbyen as of Tuesday 24 March afternoon.

UNIS has developed digital educational measures which allow our spring semester students to get tutoring online. The assessment form for each course is being evaluated by UNIS, in order to let the students sit the course exam.


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