Library services during Corona outbreak


17 March 2020 – updated: 27 April 2020

The physical UNIS Library is closed, but we are still open online. Contact us at with any question, or information need.

Physical collection

  • Access to physical material is possible. Send an email to with your needs, and we’ll get the book to you.
  • Items on loan can be kept until further notice. Due dates are pushed forward, and no claims should be made by the library during this time.
  • Returns should only be made if necessary, i.e. leaving Svalbard. The library return box is now just inside the UNIS main entrance.
  • Waiting lists and requests can be difficult because of the return policy at the moment.
  • Requested items already in transit are handled case-by-case.

Electronic collection

Access our electronic collection using VPN. The IP address of the new VPN solution ( is not yet updated with all our content providers. We are working on this. Use the old VPN ( until further notice if you can’t get access. If you don’t get access to a service, and you think you should, let us know!

We can still order copies of papers from other libraries with electronic access, but license restrictions may differ from each content provider/library.

In addition, several content providers are opening up their collections beyond our subscriptions:

JSTOR: “For participating academic institutions that currently license some, but not all, JSTOR Archive and Primary Source collections, we will turn on access to all unlicensed collections at no cost.”

ScienceDirect Textbooks: “The 256 textbooks currently on ScienceDirect will be automatically entitled to all active ScienceDirect customers (including those journals customers who do not currently have books) for a period of 90 days. Users accessing ScienceDirect through IP or remote access will be able to use these books while campuses are closed.”

Wiley: “As a publisher of trusted health science, we’ve made the relevant research articles, book chapters and entries in our major references freely available below, in support of the global efforts in diagnosis, treatment, prevention and further research in this disease and similar viral respiratory infections.”


You can still get help using EndNote, finding literature, referencing, etc. Let us know what you need, and we’ll find a way.

This page will be updated when new information is available. If you have any questions, concerns, or information needs, send us an email at

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