Collaboration with USN

SAMARBEID: Viserektor Ingvild Marheim Larsen ved USN og direktør Jøran Idar Moen ved Universitetssentert på Svalbard signerte nylig samarbeidsavtalen under en seanse ved campus Drammen. (Foto: Randi T. Holta)

COLLABORATION: Vice principalIngvild Marheim Larsen at USN and director Jøran Idar Moen at the University Center in Svalbard recently signed the collaboration agreement during a session at Drammen campus. Photo: Randi T. Holta/USN

In late September, an agreement between the University Centre in Svalbard and University of Southeastern Norway was officially signed.  

21 October 2021

University of Southeastern Norway was formally established in 2018, after a merger of The University College of Buskerud and Vestfold and The University College of Telemark.

–  Since 2018 it has been a desire to incorporate USN in the Cooperation Agreement with UNIS, said director Jøran Moen after signing the agreement.

All other universities in Norway are already a part of the Cooperation Agreement, and it is a natural step forward to incorporate USN into this agreement, after they received university status, according to Moen.

– Over the past few years, UNIS has had 5 – 10 students from USN per year. With this agreement, we hope to increase the number of USN students substantially.

– There is also a good potential for research collaboration to be explored, Moen adds.

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