Avoiding predatory journals

Michael Theis "Caution" Caution signs at the lookout over Coral Bay. It didn't look to dangerous so I climbed it anyway. Nice panoramic view from here.

Article from the UNIS Library:
Receiving offers from publishers and journals to publish papers is not always a good thing. Unfortunately there is an increasing number of fake publishers charging researchers a processing fee to publish in worthless journals. Here are some tips on how to avoid these journals.


Red flags

  • Poor language or misspellings in emails or website.
  • Unprofessional website.
  • Unclear country of origin, or difficulty finding contact information.
  • Poor information about the editor(s), sometimes fake names are used, other times names of real researchers are used without their knowledge.
  • A business model based on Article Processing Charges (APC), or publications fees. Sometimes the cost is not divulged until after you have submitted your manuscript.
  • No, or poor, peer review process. Usually promising “fast publication”.

If in doubt, please contact the UNIS Library.

Photo: Caution by Michael Theis