UNIS and Hiorthfjellet in mid-February 2019. Photo: Mads Forchhammer/UNIS

General Courses

The courses listed here are interdisciplinary. Some are only open to enrolled students at UNIS – read more in each course description below.

ID Course Name Duration Start Date
AGF-216 AGF-216 The Stormy Sun and the Northern Lights (5 ECTS) Spring semester (February), evening course, annually. February 14, 2022
AS-101 AS-101 Arctic Survival and Safety (3 ECTS) Spring semester (January), annually. January 10, 2022
AS-203 AS-203 Arctic Safety and Field Leadership (14 ECTS) Autumn and spring semester (August–May / June), annually. The start and end dates will be coordinated with the rest of the Arctic Nature Guide study.
SH-201 SH-201 The History of Svalbard (6 ECTS) Spring semester (afternoon course in January/February), annually. January 24, 2022
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