UNIS and Hiorthfjellet in mid-February 2019. Photo: Mads Forchhammer/UNIS

General Courses

The courses listed here are interdisciplinary. Some are only open to enrolled students at UNIS – read more in each course description below.

ID Course Name Duration Start Date
AGF-216 AGF-216 The Stormy Sun and the Northern Lights (5 ECTS) Spring semester (February–March, evening course), annually. February 17, 2020
AS-101 AS-101 Arctic Survival and Safety (3 ECTS) Spring semester (January), annually. January 8, 2020
AS-203 AS-203 Arctic Safety and Field Leadership (14 ECTS) Autumn and spring semester (August–May), annually. The start and end dates are approximate, and will be coordinated with the rest of the Arctic Nature Guide study August 17, 2020
AS-301 AS-301 Risk Assessment of Arctic Natural Hazards (10 ECTS) Autumn semester (June–July), annually. June 2, 2020
AS-302 AS-302 Safety Management in the Arctic (10 ECTS) Autumn semester, (August–September), annually August 10, 2020
AS-303 AS-303 Emergency Preparedness and Response in the Arctic (10 ECTS) Autumn semester (September–October), annually September 14, 2020
AS-304 AS-304 Risk, Technology and Human Performance in Arctic Operations (10 ECTS) Autumn semester (October–November), annually October 19, 2020
SH-201 SH-201 The History of Svalbard (6 ECTS) Spring semester (afternoon course in January/February), annually. January 27, 2020
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