UNIS collaborates with researchers and institutions in many countries, and in our courses we use national and international renowned guest lecturers. Students benefits from ongoing research projects with international partners in our teaching and fieldwork.

About 700 students from all over the world attend one or more courses every year at UNIS. The student body consist of approximately 50% Norwegian and 50% international students and English is the official language at UNIS. There are no tuition fees and there is student accommodation at Elvesletta student housing.

UNIS’ faculty consists of approximately 50% Norwegians and 50% international staff, and currently consist of approximately 30 full-time professors and associate professors, and approximately 40 adjunct professors and 170 guest lecturers who specialize in Arctic issues. UNIS researchers work in collaboration with Norwegian and foreign research institutions and are actively involved in a large number of joint research projects.

University of the Arctic (UArctic)
UNIS is a member of the UArctic and also a participant in the North 2 North mobility programme.

Russian students from N2N partner institutions (see list) who are admitted into courses at UNIS are eligible for scholarships through the mobility programme. Separate application within a certain deadline to the international coordinator/N2N coordinator at the student’s home institution is needed. Please contact the international coordinator at your institution for more information.

Erasmus+/Nordlys/Nordplus exchange
UNIS is not a university, but a university centre, and we do not offer any programmes or degrees, but only single courses on bachelor, master and PhD level. UNIS is not an accredited institution, and as such we do not have the opportunity to sign Erasmus+ agreements. However, students can come here on an Erasmus+ exchange if their university has an agreement with a Norwegian university.

The student must then apply for Erasmus+ exchange to the Norwegian partner university and also inform the Norwegian host institution about the intention to study at UNIS. We strongly recommend that the students contact the International office/Erasmus+ coordinator at their university for assistance in this matter.

Please note that the Erasmus+ exchange application and application to UNIS are two separate processes. The students must always apply for courses directly to UNIS, so please follow the UNIS directions on how to apply for our courses.

Other relevant student exchange programmes
CaNoRock STEP: A Norway–Canada student exchange programme in space physics and space electronics
GlacioEx: A Norwegian/Canadian/US partnership exchange programme (2012–2016) for studies focusing on glaciers and glaciology

The Fellowship programme for Studies in the High North ended in spring 2016.

Nordic Master programme in Cold Climate Engineering
Aalto University (Finland), DTU (Denmark) and NTNU (Norway) collaborate on this joint Master degree. The Nordic Master in Cold Climate Engineering offers courses at DTU’s campus in Sisimiut, Greenland, and at UNIS. Application deadline 15 January.
Read more about the Nordic Master in Cold Climate Engineering