Since 2011 UNIS has been sampling a marine time series station close to Longyearbyen at weekly to monthly intervals year-round, to find out how the water-masses, nutrients, biological communities and production changes between seasons, between years and long term. As far as we know IsA is the northernmost year-round time series in the world.

At the Department of Arctic Biology we focus on plankton and microbes, organisms that have short generation times and therefore respond quickly to environmental changes, making them excellent tracers of climate change effects.

Project description

Isfjorden Adventfjorden time series – UNIS


Collection of environmental data (CTD), sampling of water (Niskin bottle) and zooplankton (net) from ship or small boats, and lab work (filtration) to process the samples

The project involves

Lab- and fieldwork. Fieldwork will include ship-based sampling, so students must be able to handle sea-sickness and work in cold temperatures. It may also involve lifting of equipment. A drivers license is desirable. Experience from similar work is advantageous, but not required.

Starting date/Period

March to September


The students will acquire a wide range of skills commonly used in marine sampling and sample processing.


Flexible (max 40h). Will be agreed upon based on availability.

Interested in this project or need more info? Contact:

Anna Vader  (

Project number: 26