UNIS offers a wide range of equipment for fieldwork and can assist with the planning and execution of complex scientific operations. 

  • Safety and communication equipment for the arctic environment 
  • A range of clothing for different environments, including snow mobile suits for winter operations, survival suits and regatta dresses for boat operations and work suits for lab work 
  • Research vessel Hanna Resvoll and open PolarCirkel boats.
  • Snowmobiles, sledges, tracked vehicles, mobile field cabins etc. 
  • A variety of tools and equipment for field work 
  • Technical staff for field support 

Please note that UNIS does not offer support or equipment to projects or fieldwork not related to UNIS courses or without a UNIS project number.  

Students who wish to borrow equipment for private outings can contact the student welfare committee.  

All equipment for UNIS projects must be approved and been assigned a UNIS project number, please make sure to obtain this before ordering equipment. Also note that UNIS has limited capacity for external projects, so please get in touch well in advance to clarify if and how we can support the project. 

For enquiries or questions about how we can support your project, please contact us at logistics@unis.no