UNIS will gradually open from 27 April 2020

UNIS will gradually open from 27 April 2020

Top image: UNIS and the Svalbard Science Centre on 7 April 2020. Photo: Eva Therese Jenssen/UNIS.

7 April 2020
Press release from UNIS

Universities will be opened to a small group of students and staff from 27 April, the Norwegian government announced today. This means that UNIS remains closed through 26 April and will gradually open for certain students, PhD and postdocs from Monday 27 April.

– This is good news for the concerned research career students  who have been worried about whether they would succeed in finishing their projects on time, says UNIS director Jøran Moen.

In a press release from the Ministry of Education and Research, it was announced that Norway will open higher educational institutions for some selected groups.

– We prioritize students, PhD and postdocs who will complete their theses or projects this spring and who are dependent on the equipment and infrastructure on the campus. The prerequisite is that infection prevention considerations are taken care of, says Henrik Asheim, Minister of Research and Higher Education in the press release.

The government is concerned with infection control and the Ministry is in a dialogue with the Norwegian University Council on how to do this in a proper way. The universities have until Monday 27 April to plan for the partial opening so that the infection prevention measures are taken care of, according to the Ministry.

UNIS will follow the national guidelines on infection prevention measures and have a comprehensive plan in place by 27 April, according to UNIS director Moen.


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