Semester: Autumn

ID Course Name Duration Start Date
AB-822 AB-822 Fluxes of Nutrients, Energy and Contaminants from Sea to Land (10 ECTS) Autumn semester (July), every second year. Cancelled in 2020. Next course: 2022.
AS-304 AS-304 Risk, Technology and Human Performance in Arctic Operations (10 ECTS) Autumn semester (October–November), annually October 18, 2021
AS-303 AS-303 Emergency Preparedness and Response in the Arctic (10 ECTS) Autumn semester (September–October), annually September 13, 2021
AS-302 AS-302 Safety Management in the Arctic (10 ECTS) Autumn semester, (August–September), annually August 9, 2021
AGF-819 AGF-819 Shipping in the Arctic (5 ECTS) Autumn semester (September), annually. Cancelled 2021
AS-203 AS-203 Arctic Safety and Field Leadership (14 ECTS) Autumn and spring semester (August–May / June), annually. The start and end dates are approximate, and will be coordinated with the rest of the Arctic Nature Guide study.
AG-221 AG-221 Arctic Physical Geographical Field Techniques (15 ECTS) Autumn semester (August–December), annually August 11, 2021
AS-301 AS-301 Risk Assessment of Arctic Natural Hazards (10 ECTS) Autumn semester (May–July), annually. Cancelled 2021
AGF-223 AGF-223 Upper Atmospheric and Space Physics: Observational techniques and instrumentation (15 ECTS) Autumn semester (August–December), annually August 18, 2021

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