Arctic Geophysics – Master Courses

ID Course Name Duration Start Date
AGF-353 AGF-353 Sustainable Arctic Energy Exploration and Development (5 ECTS) Autumn semester (June–July), every second year. Next course: 2023
AGF-319 AGF-319 Shipping in the Arctic (5 ECTS) Autumn semester (September), annually. Cancelled 2021
AGF-352 AGF-352 Chemical Oceanography in the Arctic (10 ECTS) Spring semester (April–June), annually. April 20, 2022
AGF-350 AGF-350 The Arctic Atmospheric Boundary Layer and Local Climate Processes (10 ECTS) Spring semester (January–March), every second year. January 27, 2022
AGF-345 AGF-345 Polar Magnetospheric Substorms (10 ECTS) Autumn semester (October–December), annually October 29, 2021
AGF-312 AGF-312 Remote Sensing of the Cryosphere (10 ECTS) Spring semester (March–April), annually. Cancelled in 2022.
AGF-311 AGF-311 Air-Ice-Sea Interaction II (10 ECTS) Autumn semester (November–December), every second year. Cancelled in 2020. Next course: 2022.
AGF-304 AGF-304 Radar Diagnostics of Space Plasma (15 ECTS) Spring semester (January–May), annually. January 10, 2022
AGF-301 AGF-301 The Upper Polar Atmosphere (15 ECTS) Spring semester (January–May), annually. January 10, 2022

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