Arctic Biology – Bachelor Courses

ID Course Name Duration Start Date
AB-208 AB-208 Internship in Arctic Biology (15 ECTS) Spring semester, annually January 18, 2021
AB-207 AB-207 Research Project in Arctic Biology (15 ECTS) Spring (January - June) and autumn (May - August) semester, annually. May 1, 2021
AB-206 AB-206 Introduction to Svalbard’s Terrestrial Flora and Fauna (5 ECTS) Autumn semester (July), annually July 7, 2021
AB-204 AB-204 Arctic Population Ecology (15 ECTS) Autumn semester (July – December), annually July 29, 2021
AB-203 AB-203 Arctic Environmental Management (15 ECTS) Spring semester (January–April), annually January 18, 2021
AB-202 AB-202 Marine Arctic Biology (15 ECTS) Spring semester (January–June), annually January 18, 2021
AB-201 AB-201 Terrestrial Arctic Biology (15 ECTS) Autumn semester (July–November), annually July 29, 2021
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