Sjøskrenten student hostel in Longyearbyen.
Sjøskrenten student hostel. Photo: Eva Therese Jenssen/UNIS


All students admitted to UNIS courses (or having a valid agreement as “guest bachelor/master/PhD student” at UNIS) may apply for housing.

The student housing facilities in Longyearbyen are owned and administered by The Arctic Student Welfare Organization (Norges Arktiske Studentsamskipnad).
Please note that housing applications are treated on a first come, first served basis  for applicants that can show that they have been admitted to UNIS courses or have a signed guest student contract.

The student housing is located in Nybyen, about 3 km from the UNIS campus and at Sjøskrenten (next to the UNIS campus). Note that there is no public transportation system in Longyearbyen. It takes at least 30 minutes to walk from UNIS to Nybyen. The student housing in Nybyen consists of three barracks with a total of 70 single bedrooms. Please note that there are no family rooms or flatlets available. Sjøskrenten consists of 88 single bedrooms.

More information about housing (tenancy agreement, pictures, booking, etc.) is found at Samskipnaden’s site.

Your address in Longyearbyen
If you will be living at the student accommodation in Nybyen or Sjøskrenten, your postal adress will be: Your name, P.O. Box 394, N-9171 Longyearbyen, Norway.

When to apply for accommodation

You cannot apply for accommodation unless you have been accepted for one or more courses at UNIS, or you have a valid agreement as a “guest bachelor/master/PhD student” at UNIS.

You need to apply for accommodation as soon as you have been admitted and you will find a link to the housing application in the admission letter you receive from UNIS.

Please note that UNIS does not reserve or offer student accommodation.


The monthly long-term rent (from 1 January 2021) is NOK 4600 in Nybyen and NOK 4950/5050 in Sjøskrenten (right next to the campus).

Phone: +47 940 09 153 (09:00 – 15:00)

Academic expenses

There is no tuition fee at UNIS, but in order to do a course at UNIS all students must pay a semester fee of NOK 590. Students already registered at a Norwegian institution will receive an invoice from their home institution, whereas new students receive a semester fee invoice from the Study Administration at UNIS directly after their arrival.

Students partaking in a scientific cruise or excursion which lasts overnight, must pay a board and lodging fee of NOK 200 per day. The fee must be paid in the UNIS reception prior to the excursion(s).

Living expenses

The cost of living in Svalbard is approximately the same as in the rest of Norway. Stipulated costs for accommodation and food is approximately NOK 10 000 per month. All travel expenses to and from Longyearbyen must be paid by the student.


Students are expected to finance their studies and stay in Longyearbyen. UNIS offers no financial aid or scholarships to Norwegian or international students. Norwegian students can apply for grants and loans from the Statens Lånekasse.


It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the appropriate types of insurance, and that your insurance is valid in Svalbard. This applies to travel, accident and health insurance. UNIS students are not insured while in the Svalbard Science Centre (UNIS building) taking classes, studying, working in the laboratories or during leisure time in general (at UNIS or elsewhere in Svalbard).

UNIS has an accident insurance during UNIS field activities, that covers a single payment of 15G (G=Norwegian National Insurance Scheme basic amount, NOK 93 634 per 1 May 2017) in case of 100% invalidity. For those who are members of the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme (Norsk Folketrygd), this insurance also covers treatment cost up to NOK 50 000. This insurance only applies when students are properly registered in the field log before leaving UNIS.

Welfare/Health care

Do you need a doctor’s appointment or a trip to the dentist? Contact the hospital at +47 79 02 42 00 (or 113 for medical emergency) or the dentist at +47 79 02 30.

In need of someone to talk to?

You may talk to the study advisers, the hospital, or the church (open 24/7).

The Student Counselling Centre in Tromsø provides councelling via Skype, free of charge, regarding psychological and social challenges. Read more about student counselling here.

Contact point when UNIS is closed

UNIS is open Mon–Fri from 08:00 until 15:30. After hours you may reach the UNIS on duty person on +47 95 28 35 11.

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