UNIS and Hiorthfjellet in mid-February 2019. Photo: Mads Forchhammer/UNIS

Arctic Safety Center courses

The natural environment in the high north is undergoing rapid change while at the same time the interest in presence and economic development in the region has never been greater. As a consequence, the need for increased competence and sharing of experience in how to operate in a safe and environmental manner in the high Arctic is acute and extremely relevant. Both the location of UNIS and years of experience related to Arctic safety make Svalbard an excellent location for an Arctic safety competence center.

The courses affiliated with the Arctic Safety Center at UNIS are all on Master’s level and they are focusing on the multidisciplinary and multifaceted nature of natural hazards in Arctic environments.  Other subjects are: Emergency preparedness and management in an Arctic context, prevention of accidents and unwanted occurrences, crisis management and design and planning of activities for cold regions.

ID Course Name Duration Start Date
AS-301 AS-301 Risk Assessment of Arctic Natural Hazards (10 ECTS) Autumn semester (June–July), annually. Cancelled in 2020.
AS-302 AS-302 Safety Management in the Arctic (10 ECTS) Autumn semester, (August–September), annually. Cancelled in 2020.
AS-303 AS-303 Emergency Preparedness and Response in the Arctic (10 ECTS) Autumn semester (September–October), annually. Cancelled in 2020.
AS-304 AS-304 Risk, Technology and Human Performance in Arctic Operations (10 ECTS) Autumn semester (October–November), annually. Cancelled in 2020.

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