Student blogs at 78° North

Student blogs at 78° North

Top image: Longyearbyen and Hiorthfjellet seen from Larsbreen. Photo: Alex Poje

Curious about how student life is at UNIS? Get educated by reading the student blogs by Arctic Biology students Alexandra and Martine!

26 February 2016
Text: Eva Therese Jenssen

If you’ve never been to Svalbard and Longyearbyen before, it might be hard to imagine how life really is in the northernmost town in the world. Although Longyearbyen is indeed a very modern town if you consider how far out on the edge of the world it is actually located, it might be hard for someone new to get a grip on how things work up here.

Blogs in English and Norwegian
But no worries, UNIS has of course excellent student bloggers who can enlighten you about everything essential, from course work to student housing, lab exercises to hiking trips into glaciers!

This semester two of our bachelor students attending the Arctic Biology programme, are eagerly reporting online about their doings as UNIS students.

Alexandra Poje is from the U.S. and started at UNIS last autumn. Her blog “Adventures in the Arctic” can guide you through the different seasons in Longyearbyen and the upcoming weeks should bode well for spectacular pictures of the emerging sun. Read about her adventures here:

Martine Røysted Solås is a biology student at University of Bergen who also has spent the last months at UNIS. Her blog, “Utvekslingseventyr til Svalbard” (Exchange adventure in Svalbard), is in Norwegian and can be found here:

So if you ever wondered what student life REALLY is like at UNIS, look no further for information.

Alexandra Poje and Martine Solås.

Alexandra Poje (left) and Martine Solås blog about their student life at UNIS. (Photos from the blogs).

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