Øystein Varpe

Øystein Varpe

Øystein Varpe

Professor, Ecology

Phone: +47 79 02 64 63
E-mail: oystein.varpe@unis.no
Room: B 239

Research interests:

My field is evolutionary ecology, with particular attention to how seasonality shapes ecological processes and evolutionary adaptations. Central topics include: Life history theory, Phenology, Behavioral ecology, Population dynamics, Trophic interactions, Ecosystem connections & Ecological and evolutionary modelling.

You can visit the Seasonal Ecology Group for more information on the work I do together with students and collaborators. Publications and are also available there, at ResearchGate or Google Scholar

I am in the steering group of bioCEED, a Centre of Excellence in Education, where I lead the work package on Efficient leadership of education, and coordinate a Forum for Educational Leadership in Biology.

A video of a talk on some of my work on pelagic ecosystems and the ecological consequences of sea ice changes in the Arctic.

Some selected publications:

  • Varpe Ø. 2017. Life history adaptations to seasonality. Integrative and Comparative Biology 57: 943–960 full text
  • Langbehn TJ, Varpe Ø. 2017. Sea-ice loss boosts visual search: fish foraging and changing pelagic interactions in polar oceans. Global Change Biology 23: 5318–5330 full text
  • Burr ZM, Varpe Ø, Anker-Nilssen T, Erikstad KE et al. 2016. Later at higher latitudes: large-scale variability in seabird breeding timing and synchronicity. Ecosphere 7(5): e01283 full text
  • Ejsmond MJ, Varpe Ø, Czarnołęski M, Kozłowski J 2015. Seasonality in offspring value and trade-offs with growth explain capital breeding. American Naturalist 186: E111-E125 abstract
  • Varpe Ø, Daase M, Kristiansen T. 2015. A fish-eye view on the new Arctic lightscape. ICES Journal of Marine Science 72: 2532-2538 pdf
  • Ji R, Jin M, Varpe Ø. 2013. Sea ice phenology and timing of primary production pulses in the Arctic Ocean. Global Change Biology 19: 734-741 abstract
  • Varpe Ø. 2012. Fitness and phenology: annual routines and zooplankton adaptations to seasonal cycles. Journal of Plankton Research 34: 267-276 pdf
  • Varpe Ø, Fiksen Ø. 2010. Seasonal plankton-fish interactions: light regime, prey phenology, and herring foraging. Ecology. 91: 311-318 pdf
  • Varpe Ø. 2010. Stealing bivalves from common eiders: kleptoparasitism by glaucous gulls in spring. Polar Biology. 33: 359-365 pdf
  • Varpe Ø, Jørgensen C, Tarling GA, Fiksen Ø. 2009. The adaptive value of energy storage and capital breeding in seasonal environments. Oikos 118: 363-370. pdf
  • Varpe Ø, Jørgensen C, Tarling GA, Fiksen Ø. 2007. Early is better: seasonal egg fitness and timing of reproduction in a zooplankton life-history model. Oikos 116: 1331-1342 pdf
  • Varpe Ø, Fiksen Ø, Slotte A. 2005. Meta-ecosystems and biological energy transport from ocean to coast: the ecological importance of herring migration. Oecologia 146: 443-451 pdf
  • Varpe Ø, Tveraa T, Folstad I. 2004. State-dependent parental care in the Antarctic petrel: responses to manipulated chick age during early chick rearing. Oikos 106 (3) 479-488 pdf

See full list of publications here

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