Matteo Petit Bon

Matteo Petit Bon

Matteo Petit Bon

PhD candidate, Plant ecology

Phone: +47 79 02 64 15
Room: B 230

PhD project (2015-2019):

Herbivory can modulate the response of tundra ecosystems to climate changes through its impacts on vegetation, but the outcomes of herbivory may vary with a number of factors. The final aim of this project is to reach a better understanding of plant-herbivore interactions in the Arctic. In particular, I am interested in how herbivores can interact with climate changes in modifying nutrient dynamics and carbon fluxes in tundra ecosystems.

Ingibjörg Svala Jónsdóttir (UNIS, University Centre in Svalbard / HI, University of Iceland), Bråthen Kari Anne (UiT, Arctic University of Norway), and Virve Ravolainen (NPI, Norwegian Polar Institute)

Additional information:

CV Matteo Petit Bon 2015 (PDF)

Other research interests
I am particularly interested in everything concerning terrestrial ecology. My main interest regards the effects of climate changes on alpine and Arctic ecosystems. More in general, I am interested on the many-sided topic of vegetation ecology and plant community ecology, such as vegetation dynamics, species interactions structuring plant communities, diversity, and ecosystem functions.

Finally, I am interested in the life evolution on Earth and in the processes that have been conducting to the variety of life forms existing nowadays.

Petraglia A., Carbognani M., Petit Bon M., Delnevo N., Chiari G. and Tomaselli M., 2014. Responses of flowering phenology of snowbed plants to an experimentally imposed extreme advanced snowmelt. Plant ecology, 7(15): 759-768.

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