UNIS Laboratories

UNIS can offer new, modern laboratory facilities. Planning and execution of lab work at UNIS will be implemented as follows:

New employees are informed about general procedures and security in the labs in a separate meeting with the lab responsible at arrival. New students receive a general orientation during the safety course in January, and are otherwise informed in advance of their work in the labs.

When working in the cold lab, chemistry lab or steril lab, specific security instructions apply. Work in these labs requires a specific review with the user and lab technician. Safety instructions for these labs need to be signed as understood by the user.

In advance of all lab work, the following procedures are followed;

    • Reviewing work with lab responsible. As evidence of this review the “HSE documentation for lab work at UNIS” should be filled out. In connection with this review, the following should be considered in particular:
      • The need for risk analysis of the work procedure
      • Need for risk assessment of chemicals and substitutes
      • Need for registration in ECO online
      • Clearing and cleaning the lab.
    • If you need a risk analysis or registration in ECO online, this will be controlled by the lab responsible before work starts. Forms filled out in connection with these analyses shall be kept together with “HSE documentation” in the “Working in lab” box in the reception while working. The forms will also be recorded electronically in Public 360.
    • When the work in the lab is completed, the user and the lab responsible will conduct a joint inspection of the lab.


Safety instructions (PDF):

Safety instructions for laboratory use at UNIS   Cold laboratory regulations
Chemistry laboratory regulations Sterile laboratory instructions


HSE documentation for laboratory work at UNIS (doc/xls):

HSE documentation labwork Standard Operating Procedure – UNIS Labs
Risk assessment of chemical health hazards    Waste management
Protocol Deviation report Routines for Exposure Registry


Divergency reports are found on the HSE page


Chemical inventory

In English (Eco online)

In Norwegian (Eco online)



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