Before trying to connect to eduroam using your UNIS credentials, you should remove eduroam profiles from other universities.

How to set up eduroam in MacOS

1. Click the Wifi icon on the top of your screen and select eduroam on the list of wireless networks.

2. Enter your UNIS credentials. It’s important that you use the correct syntax:

3. You will need to verify the certificate. Click Continue.

4. Save the certificate to your keychain by typing your credentials on your Mac.

You should now be connected to eduroam. If you were unsuccessful, you can try the manual eduroam configuration below.

Manual eduroam configuration

1. Click the System Preferences icon in your dock at the bottom of your screen

2. Click on Network

3. In the pulldown list Network Name, choose  “Join Other Network”.

4. Type in the information as shown below. Remember behind your username.

If you get asked about certificate, click continue and enter your local username and password to save certificate in your keychain.

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