On this page you will find links to PDF documents on How to do, Frequently Asked Questions, User manuals, IT Policy and regulations, News etc. Our goal is to reduce the amount of support-questions by providing you with as much relevant information as possible here.

General information

UNIS IT Policy (PDF)
For STUDENTS: Introduction to the UNIS Computer System (PDF)
For STAFF: Introduction to the UNIS Computer System (PDF)
For GUEST LECTURERS: Introduction to the UNIS Computer System (PDF)

Wireless network in the Svalbard Science Centre, UNIS Guest House and the student housing

eduroam – Information and how to connect
Guest network


For more information go here

Accessing network shares

Before connecting to network shares you need to be connected to either eduroam at Svalbard Science Park or student housing (Nybyen or Skjøskrenten), alternatively you can use VPN to access the unis network.

Access network shared from Microsoft Windows 10
Access network shares from Microsoft Windows 7
Enable SMB 1 in Windows 10

Access network shares in MacOS (PDF)

VPN access to UNIS

Go to https://vpn.unis.no, log in with your unis username and password to download the client.
In the client connect to vpn.unis.no

Outlook/E-mail information

UNIS webmail

Printing and scanning

Printer installation and use at UNIS (PDF)
Printer info for MacOS (PDF)            MacOS printer driver (Remember to choose correct MacOS)


How to subscribe to TimeEdit calendars in Outlook Norwegian / English (PDF)

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