On this page you will find links to PDF documents on How to do, Frequently Asked Questions, User manuals, IT Policy and regulations, News etc. Our goal is to reduce the amount of support-questions by providing you with as much relevant information as possible here.

General information

UNIS IT Policy (PDF)
For STUDENTS: Introduction to the UNIS Computer System (PDF)
For STAFF: Introduction to the UNIS Computer System (PDF)
For GUEST LECTURERS: Introduction to the UNIS Computer System (PDF)

Printing and scanning

Printer installation and use at UNIS (PDF)
Printer info for OSX (PDF)            OSX printer driver (Remember to choose correct OSX)

How to access shared folders from own computer

Access common shares and private home directory from laptop (PDF)
Access common shares and private home directory from MAC (PDF)
VPN – access UNIS resources from outside (PDF)
Download Cisco VPN Client for Windows (7, 8 and 8.1) (.zip)
Download Cisco VPN Client for OSX – OS before Yosemite (.zip)
Download Cisco VPN Client for OSX – Yosemite (.zip)

Outlook/E-mail information

Log on to UNIS webmail
How to set up UNIS e-mail in OSX (PDF)
Back up e-mail and reduce mailbox size (PDF)


How to subscribe to TimeEdit calendars in Outlook Norwegian / English (PDF)

Wireless network in the Svalbard Science Centre and UNIS Guest House

Guest network
If you have no relationship with UNIS, and/or you only need Internet access you can log on to our guest wireless network. You can log on to the guest wireless network with the following user accounts:

  • A user account in the UNIS domain (“username”@unis.no)
  • A user account from the Reception in the Science centre.

The network name (SSID) is UNIS-guest. Just connect and the open a browser and try to reach some webpage. Then a logon page will be shown. Punch in your username and password and you are online.

Important 1: When you are connected to the guest wireless network you have NO access to IT resources at UNIS as printing, common shares etc. ONLY Internett access.

Important 2: There is no firewall blocking anything in the guest wireless network. It is completely open. Make sure your personal firewall is turned on and that you have the necessary protection of yoir device.


If you have a user account from an Eduroam institution, you can log on the UNIS eduroam.

The network name (SSID) is eduroam. If you log on to this network at UNIS you will get access to what you are allowed to. Employees will get access to the employees network. Students and guest lecturers will get access to the students network. Typically they can use printers and map shares on UNIS servers. Users from other eduroam institutions will only get access to the Internet through our guest wireless network (read above).

Remember that your user name is always in this form: “username”@unis.no

The easiest way to configure your device is to visit this website, download the installer, and run it on your device. To do this you first have to connect to another network (UNIS guest network for example) or download the installer to a memory device.

eduroam installers for UNIS

Note: There are installers for most operating systems and devices, except Android. We will soon publish a procedure her. In the mean time you just google android and eduroam and you find lots of configuration instructions out there.

When the installer is finished you can access wireless networks everywhere you see the eduroam net. You can find more information about eduroam here.

Below is a video about eduroam:

eduroam policy

You should all be aware of the Norwegian eduroam policy (PDF).

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