Here you will find relevant forms for salary, accounting, expenses and guest registration. To download: Right click and choose ‘Save Target As’ to save the forms on your computer.

Guest registration

All guest registrations must be done online. Click the relevant link below to register.
UNIS Guest
UNIS Adjunct Professor/Associate Professor

Salary, accounting and expenses

English forms
Travel expenses (.xls)
Expense voucher (.pdf)
Wages form (.doc)
Advanced payment (.doc)
Guest lecturer salary (.doc)
Cruise excursion claim (.xls)
Field excursions claim (.xls)
Allowance snowmobile (.xls)
Allowance evaluation committee (.doc)
Allowance for external examiner (.doc)
External project number – Request form (PDF)
Registration of research proposals Template (PDF)

Norwegian forms
Reiseregninger (.xls)
Honorarskjema for ekstern sensor (.doc)

Useful links
Statens satser for reiser innland
Statens satser for reiser utland


Other bookings

Booking of events at UNIS (PDF)

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