Inside a coal mine, Svalbard.

Inside a coal mine. Photo: Zongxian Zhang/UNIS

Rock mechanics
at the Department of Arctic Technology carries out the research and education related to mining, petroleum extraction, railway and highway construction, tunneling, underground spaces, defense industry, etc. The rock mechanics group performs the following studies: effects of loading rates, temperatures, and other loading conditions on rock fracture; dynamic rock fracture; efficient rock blasting; improvement on ore recovery; mining safety; reduction of vibrations.

Ongoing research includes:

  1. An experimental investigation of blasting-caused shock waves and stress waves in the rock or rock-like material. The aim is to investigate the mechanism of rock blasting further and to provide necessary knowledge for numerical simulation of rock blasting
  2. New blasting techniques for improving rock fragmentation and ore recovery in mining engineering
  3. Improvement on mining safety by means of the theories in shock waves, stress waves and rock fracture
  4. Effects of blasting on resources recovery, mining profit, mining safety and vibration control
  5. Cuttability at Lunckefjellet

Contact person:
Zongxian Zhang

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