Laser scanning of ice ridges in Svalbard.

Laser scanning of ice ridges. Photo: Nataly Marchenko/UNIS


The group working with ice mechanics and offshore engineering performs field, laboratory and theoretical investigations of thermo-mechanical properties of ice and ice actions on offshore and coastal structures. Fieldwork is focused on in-situ tests on ice strength performed on land fast ice, drift ice and ice ridges, monitoring of ice and icebergs drift characteristics using ice trackers, investigation of morphological characteristics of icebergs and ice ridges, monitoring of thermal changes in sea ice and ice ridges, monitoring of ice actions on fixed and floating quays located in the fjords Isfjorden and Van Mijenfjorden. Laboratory works are focused on mechanical testing of ice samples under uniaxial loading and investigation of thermo-mechanical processes in saline and fresh ice. In-situ tests are performed with original equipment designed in the Arctic Technology department in close cooperation with NTNU. Laboratory investigations are performed in the cold laboratory of UNIS. Theoretical investigations and numerical simulations are focused on the modeling of performed in-situ and laboratory tests, ice and icebergs drift, iceberg towing, ice actions on floating and fixed structures, and thermo-mechanical processes in saline ice.

Contact person:
Aleksey Marchenko

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