Arctic marine ecotoxicology is central in the world of today, where human activities (e.g. oil industry, maritime shipping) are increasing and their pollutants, including persistent organic pollutants from long-range transport, are of concern to the Arctic environment. Our research focuses on the effects of organic pollutants on Arctic marine organisms and top predators, from the cellular pathways causing toxicity, to the long-term ecological impacts on ecosystem structure and functioning.

Through several projects in collaboration with Norwegian and international institutions, we aim at increasing knowledge of biological effects of pollutants which may have significant consequences for populations and ecosystems as a whole. Most importantly, a main goal in our department is to educate future generations of scientists to high Arctic environmental problematics including the transport and effects of persistent organics pollutants and the effects of increasing human activities from the oil and gas and shipping industries.

Contact persons: Bjørn Munro Jenssen

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