MS Farm doing scientific measurements in Isfjorden, Svalbard.

Measurements in Adventfjorden. Photo: Nataly Marchenko/UNIS

The Applied Oceanography group
performs field, laboratory and theoretical investigations of hydro-thermodynamic processes and turbulence in ice adjacent sea water layers and near fronts of outflow glaciers, propagation of surface and internal waves in ice covered waters, properties of tide induced currents in the Svalbard region and in the Barents Sea. CTD and ADCP profiling, ADV turbulent measurements, tide measurements are performed during boat cruises in ice free and ice seasons. Laboratory works includes experiments in wave tank and ice tank at UNIS. Theoretical investigations and numerical simulations are focused on the modeling of wave propagation in ice covered waters, wave actions on floating ice, modeling of tidal currents in navigational straits, and modeling of hydro-thermodynamic processes inside ridge keels and around icebergs keels.

Contact person:
Aleksey Marchenko

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