Prime Minister visit to UNIS

Prime Minister visit to UNIS

Top image: Director Misund (left) guided Prime Minister Solberg around the UNIS building. Photo: Eva Therese Jenssen / UNIS

On Sunday 2 November the Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg visited UNIS. Together with Minister of Justice, Anders Anundsen and Minister of Health, Bent Høie, she got an orientation about the UNIS HSE work and some of our research areas.

3 November 2014
Text and photos: Eva Therese Jenssen /UNIS

The Norwegian Prime Minister visits Svalbard these days in connection with a national preparedness exercise in Svalbard. The preparedness exercise will take place on 4–5 November 2014, and several of UNIS employees and students are partaking in the exercise.

Mrs. Solberg, together with her cabinet colleagues, had meetings with several institutions, including UNIS.

Erna Solberg, Ole Arve Misund

Prime minister Erna Solberg got an orientation about the safety hazards in Svalbard by UNIS director Ole Arve Misund.
Photo: Eva Therese Jenssen/UNIS

The focus of the UNIS visit was to give the prime minister an introduction to the special study environment UNIS offers and the emphasis put on safety training and fieldwork routines by director Ole Arve Misund and HSE director Fred Skancke Hansen. In addition, the ministers got a brief about the new Centre of excellence in biology education (bioCEED) that UNIS is part of, and an orientation about our glaciology research with focus on glaciers as climate indicators by PhD candidate Heïdi Sevestre.

The latter orientation was received well, especially in light of the release of the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change synthesis report.

Heidi Sevestre, Erna Solberg, Anders Anundsen, Bent Høie.

PhD candidate Heïdi Sevestre (left) briefed Prime Minister Solberg, Justice Minister Anders Anundsen and Health Minister Bent Høie about Svalbard glaciers as climate indicators. Photo: Eva Therese Jenssen/UNIS

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