Pernilla is ready for «Forsker Grand Prix»

Pernilla is ready for «Forsker Grand Prix»

Top image: Pernilla Carlsson, PhD candidate at UNIS, is ready to participate in the regional finale of “Forsker Grand Prix”. Photo: Eva Therese Jenssen/UNIS. 

Pernilla Carlsson, UNIS PhD candidate in environmental chemistry, is ready for “Forsker Grand Prix”, a competition where young scientists present their research in four minutes in a popular-scientific manner to an audience and a panel of judges. Pernilla will present her research on Saturday 21 September in Tromsø.

18 September 2013
Text: Eva Therese Jenssen

“Forsker Grand Prix” is part of the Norwegian Science week, which is in September every year. “Forsker Grand Prix” is a new concept for popularizing science that was introduced a few years back but which has quickly gained a lot of popularity.

In this competition, young scientists present their research in four minutes in a popular-scientific manner to an audience and to a panel of judges. The scientists’ performances are rated by the judges and the audience casts their votes.

Four- and six-minute presentations
Pernilla will first participate in the regional competition taking place at Rica Ishavshotell in Tromsø on Saturday 21 September at 18:00. Here she will compete against five other young scientists. After the first round of presentations, all done in four minutes, the judges and audience will cast their votes. In the second round, the young scientists get to do another presentation, and this time they have all of six minutes to convince the audience and the judges to vote for them.

The two candidates with the most votes after the two rounds of presentations will be sent to the national final in the competition, which takes place in Oslo on Saturday 28 September.

Pernilla’s four-minute presentation is called: “Your healthy food is toxic!” The six-minute presentation is about the use of chiral pesticides to track and distinguish new and old sources of contaminants in the Arctic.

– Excited and nervous
On her way to Tromsø to make the final preparations, Pernilla admits that she is a little nervous.

– I am excited, I think this will be fun, she says, pointing out that she has gotten a lot of help from experts in Tromsø to refine her presentations.

– I have had workshops with an actor (drama instructor) and others that have participated in “Forsker Grand Prix” before. I also have learnt a lot just by studying the other participants and their presentations, Pernilla says.

– In general, I think I am a better presenter now than before and that will be helpful in a future job.

Pernilla just handed in her PhD thesis to the committee, and hope to have her PhD defense at UNIS in November. In the meantime, she is preparing herself for the regional competition on Saturday. And perhaps she will be one of two candidates sent on to the national finale on 28 September. UNIS is certainly rooting for her!

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