New student hostel opened

New student hostel opened

Top image: Master student Sandra Heldal is very satisfied with her new living quarters at Sjøskrenten Student Hostel. Photo: Eva Therese Jenssen/UNIS

The new student hostel with 88 rooms was formally opened for the UNIS students yesterday. Sandra Heldal (23) was one of the first students to move into “Sjøskrenten” student hostel. She will pay a bit more in monthly rent, but with a brand new room and own private bath, Heldal thinks it’s worth it.

10 September 2014
Text and photos: Eva Therese Jenssen /UNIS

The new student hostel, located just across the street from the University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS), was finally finished and ready to welcome the UNIS students yesterday. So far 21 students have moved into the “Sjøskrenten” student hostel and more will move in during the autumn semester.

Sjøskrenten student hostel, Longyearbyen, Svalbard.

Sjøskrenten student hostel. Photo: Eva Therese Jenssen/UNIS

88 brand new rooms
The hostel, owned and run by the Arctic Student Welfare Organisation of Norway (Samskipnaden), contains 88 single rooms over three floors. Twenty-two rooms have shared bathrooms and 64 rooms have private bathrooms.

The rooms are furnished and equipped with pillow and duvet, but students will have to bring their own bed linen. On each floor there is a fully equipped common kitchen, designed to be shared by 28–30 student residents.

Kitchen in Sjøskrenten Student Hostel, Longyearbyen

One of the kitchens in Sjøskrenten Student Hostel, designed to be shared by 28–30 students. Photo: Eva Therese Jenssen/UNIS

– Worth the rent
The rent in the new hostel is a bit higher than up in the older student barracks in Nybyen (3 km from UNIS). Master student Sandra Heldal will pay about NOK 600 extra per month in the new hostel, but she does not mind.

– With a brand new room and my own private bath, I think it is well worth paying more per month than I did in the old barracks up in Nybyen, she said.

While Heldal settled into her new room, coordinators Stine Wennevold and Gøril Hammer were busy making sure all the last details were seen to.

– It is a bit hectic here right now, but we expect to have everything in place in a day or two, Wennevold and Hammer said.

In the coming years, Samskipnaden hope to build two new student hostels at Sjøskrenten, so that all UNIS students can have modern housing facilities close to UNIS.

More information: The Arctic Student Welfare Organisation of Norway – Svalbard student housing

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