New student hostel in Svalbard

New student hostel in Svalbard

Top image: The new student hostel will be built adjacent to the hostel that opened in September 2014. Photo: Eva Therese Jenssen /UNIS.

Today, the Ministry of Education and Research unveiled extra funding for student housing in Norway. The funding includes a brand new student hostel with 80 units in Longyearbyen.

23 February 2015

The Ministry announced an increase in new student housing all over Norway this morning. Funding for a total of 2000 units was announced.

The Arctic Student Welfare Organization in Tromsø will receive funding for a total of 200 new student housing units, out of which 80 new units will be built in Longyearbyen.

This means that there will be another student hostel built on “Sjøskrenten”, adjacent to the student hostel that was officially opened in September 2014, just across the road from UNIS.

– This is great news for the Student Welfare Organization and it is great news for UNIS, says director Ole Arve Misund.

The start date for building the new hostel is not set.

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