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Documentation of research results at UNIS is done in the CRIStin documentation system (Current Research Information System in Norway). CRIStin is the national system for documenting research activity at universities, colleges and other research institutions in Norway. The purpose of Cristin is to simplify the reporting of research results and annual data reports, provide important quality control, and contribute to improving the visibility of research performed in Norway.

If you publish anything crediting UNIS, or while working at UNIS, please register it in Cristin as soon as possible. Use your UNIS Feide credentials to log in. Contact if you have any questions.

Important dates

Nov 30th – Suggestions for new level 1 or 2 publications can be sent directly to Norwegian Social Science Data Services (NSD) by filling out a form.

Feb 21st – Deadline for quality control of joint publications

Mar 1st – Deadline of the dispute committe

Apr 1st – Deadline of final report to the Ministry of Education and Research.


When registering your publications in Cristin, make sure that you register the same address that you provided to the publication, to ensure that both you and UNIS get the credit each are due. See the National recommended guidelines.

Department of Biology, UNIS – The University Centre in Svalbard, Longyearbyen, Norway. 

If connected to a research center:
Birkeland Centre for Space Science, Department of Arctic Geophysics, UNIS – The University Centre in Svalbard, Longyearbyen, Norway.

You should provide the address of your secondary employer as long as the publication is connected to research done as part of your secondary position.

PhD candidates employed by UNIS provide UNIS as their author address. Externally funded PhD candidates should also provide their main employer’s address.

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