Evacuation of Nybyen continues

Evacuation of Nybyen continues

Top image: The students were transported by bus from UNIS up to Nybyen to collect their personal belongings yesterday. Photo: Eva Therese Jenssen/UNIS.

The Governor has decided to uphold the evacuation until further notice. The Governor and experts will evaluate the situation again tomorrow Wednesday 9 November. All evacuated UNIS students will stay in temporary housing until the evacuation is lifted.

8 November 2016
Press release from UNIS

There are registered minor landslides in the hillside above Lia and Nybyen after the rainstorm last night, in addition to a small landslide that damaged parts of the dog kennel in the near vicinity of Longyearbyen. The weather forecast for tonight predicts a new and brief increase in temperature combined with some more rain. The weather forecast is improving after this.

The Governor regards the situation as better when it comes to the risk of flooding and debris flows. The situation remains uncertain with regard to landslides because the ground needs to stabilize more. Therefore, the Governor maintains the evacuation until Wednesday.

There will be an inspection tomorrow while there is daylight, both by helicopter and on the mountainside. There will be another meeting with the local government in Longyearbyen, NVE, the Governor and other members of the emergency council tomorrow morning to evaluate the situation again.

The students will keep their temporary housing until the Governor lifts the evacuation order, says Fred Skancke Hansen, director of HSE and Infrastructure at UNIS.

Students signing out at UNIS

Students got signed out before they took the bus up to Nybyen to collect their personal belongings. Photo: Eva Therese Jenssen/UNIS.

Successful student evacuation yesterday
All students in Nybyen were evacuated and assigned temporary housing close to the UNIS campus yesterday afternoon.

The evacuation started at 13:00 when the students were transported by bus up to Nybyen to gather their personal belongings.

By 14:30 all students were back at UNIS where there were an orientation meeting about the situation and they got assigned new rooms.

Later the Student Council sponsored free dinner in the cafeteria for all students.

Key hand-out in the cafeteria

After an information meeting the students gathered in the cafeteria to get assigned a new temporary room. Photo: Eva Therese Jenssen/UNIS.

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