Cooperation agreement between UNIS and NPI

Cooperation agreement between UNIS and NPI

On Thursday 11 December 2014, the directors of the University Centre in Svalbard (UNIS) and the Norwegian Polar Institute (NPI) signed a cooperative agreement in Oslo.

12 December 2014
Press release from UNIS and NPI

– Research and education will have even more important roles in Svalbard in light of the current climate change, strategic importance and the industrial development in the archipelago, says director Ole Arve Misund (UNIS) and director Jan-Gunnar Winther (NPI).

NPI is in charge of monitoring nature and environment in Svalbard and is an adviser for the government in Polar matters. UNIS offers education and performs research based on Svalbard’s location in the High Arctic and the advantages this represents.

– Our organizations are complementary and has a long history of cooperation, says Jan-Gunnar Winther.

Ice-classified vessel and SIOS
Through the new cooperation agreement, the two institutions are implementing measures to further logistical cooperation and access to research infrastructure.

– The agreement will be especially useful when Norway gets its new ice-classified research vessel in a few years’ time, says Ole Arve Misund.

In the coming years UNIS and NPI will cooperate on the interim project SIOS (Svalbard Integrated Observing System), which will be based at UNIS and NPI will lead the projects’ board of directors.

Ole Arve Misund and Jan-Gunnar Winther

UNIS director Ole Arve Misund (left) and NPI director Jan-Gunnar Winther signed the cooperation agreement in Oslo. Photo: UNIS/NPI.

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