Do you need our logo for a poster, web site or similar? Here you will find UNIS logos in different formats.

About the file formats:

EPS is a vectorised format that gives an unlimited scalable file. This format requires specialized software (Photoshop, Illustrator etc.).
PNG (Portable Network Graphics) gives a transparent background. Right-click and choose ‘save link as’.

In case of problems or need of other kinds of formats please contact

Colour logos UNIS logo (.eps)
UNIS logo (.png)
Greyscale logos UNIS greyscale logo (.eps)
UNIS greyscale logo (.png)
Black logos UNIS black logo (.eps)
UNIS black logo (.png)
White logos UNIS white logo (.eps)
UNIS white logo (.png)

Fonts and colour codings

Our logo font is Apex New PS. If you do not have this font installed it may be replaced with Calibri. The web font is Open Sans.

The colour codings in our logo are as follows:

Colour Hex code Decimal code (R,G,B)
Light blue #0ebff3 0, 191, 243
Medium blue #007cc5 0, 153, 216
Dark blue #0069a7 0, 103, 166




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