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Date and time Topic Speakers
15 Jan Svalbardseminaret: Hva har vi lært om isbjørn på Svalbard? Jon Aaars, Norsk Polarinstitutt
16 Jan Svalbardseminaret: Rom for Norge – Hvordan er romvirksomheten bra for Svalbard? Bo Andersen, Norsk Romsenter
16 Jan Svalbardseminaret: Oppryddingen i Sveagruva – Fra gruveby til museum? Lise Loktu, Sysselmannen på Svalbard


Date and time Topic Speakers
18 Dec PhD trial lecture and dissertation: Solar proton impact in the middle atmosphere Erkka Heino
2 Dec Lunch seminar: Winter cyclones and Svalbard weather Siiri Wickström
20 Nov PhD trial lecture and dissertation: New insights into Calanus glacialis and C. finmarchicus distributions, life histories and physiology in high-latitude seas Maja Hatlebakk
23 Sep Shipping in the Arctic – where is it headed? Stein Sandven, Arild Moe, Julia Olsen
26 June Lunch seminar: The Eurekan deformation in the Arctic – architecture and kinematics of a strange fold belt Karsten Piepjohn
8 June Arctic Frontiers Open – Smart Arctic – det nye Longyearbyen?
23 May Lunch seminar: A story as clear as mud…how climate history is recorded in a Svalbard glacial lake Professor Mike Retelle
16 May Lunch seminar: Hyperspectral Imagers for Drones and Micro Satellites Fred Sigernes
13–15 May Arctic Safety Conference: Managing risks in a changing Arctic Stein P. Aasheim, Ilan Kelman + +
9 May Lunch seminar: Permafrost research across the Canadian north Ullrich Neuman
8 May MATLAB for Analyzing and Visualizing Geospatial Data
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Loren Shure
23 Apr BioCEED seminar: Flipped classrooms and team-based learning Pernille B. Eidesen
23 Apr Celebration of UNIS’ first Excellent Teaching Practitioner, Pernille B. Eidesen
29 Mar PhD trial lecture and disputation: Ecophysiological responses of sea ice algae and phytoplankton to a changing Arctic Ane Cecilie Kvernvik
29 Mar Lunch seminar: Drone operations at UNIS
Sara Cohen, Marius Jonassen, Marcos Porcires, Sebastian Sikora
28 Mar Master thesis presentation: The Advent River system, central Svalbard – A high-resolution analysis of sediment flux from a dynamic arctic river mouth
Martijn Rodenburg
28 Mar Lunch seminar: Arctic Clouds – ACLOUD campaign around Svalbard Prof. Susanne Crewell
19 Mar Open meeting: Framtidens klima: Hva kan vi lære av Svalbardsamfunnet? Jan-Gunnar Winther, Kjerstin Askholt, ++
18 Mar Lunch seminar: Cold origin of land plants Jakub Dan Zarsky
15 Mar Lunch seminar: The Lemming cycle: Myth, facts and population drivers Thomas Bjørnboe G. Berg
7 Mar Lunch seminar: The Importance of Pore Pressure Tom Birchall
4 Mar Lunch seminar: Internal waves as nutrient pump in the ocean John Grue, UiO
18–28 Feb Open afternoon course: The Stormy Sun and the Northern Lights Pål Brekke
21 Feb Lunch seminar: Confirming the role of sea-ice brines in carbon sequestration: A cold, dark journey Lisa A. Miller, Centre for Ocean Climate Chemistry, Institute of Ocean Sciences, Canada
20 Feb PhD disputation: Drivers of the marine CO2 system in the High Arctic – from the deep basins to the shallow fjords Ylva Ericson
19 Feb PhD trial lecture: Organic carbon in the Arctic Ocean and potential climatic feedbacks Ylva Ericson
4 Feb Framtidens klima på Svalbard og i Longyearbyen (folkemøte)
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21 Jan–1 Feb Open afternoon course: The History of Svalbard Thor Bjørn Arlov
15–29 Jan 2019 Svalbardseminaret (Svalbard Seminar Series) – See presentations on SlideShare Various
20 Jan 2019 Longyearbyen survival workshop for students The Student Counselling Centre, Tromsø
14–18 Jan 2019 SIOS Polar Night Week
7 Jan 2019 Spring semester opening

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