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Date  Topic Speakers
26 – 29 Aug Arctic Fox Conference 2022 Norwegian Polar Institute
22 June Change is the Constant: Future environmental policy and governance challenges in Svalbard Bjørn Kaltenborn
20 June The Svalbard Treaty: From Terra Nullius to Norwegian Sovereignty Thor Bjørn Arlov
19-23 June 51st International Arctic Workshop
18-26 June NVP Summer School
24 Jan – 4 Feb The history of Svalbard Thor Bjørn Arlov
18 Jan-1 Feb Svalbardeminaret 2022 (Svalbard Seminar Series) Several speakers



Date  Topic Speakers
1 Dec Seminar: Fremtidens Longyearbyen – et utstillingsvindu for bærekraft?
24 Nov PhD disputation: Polycyclic aromatic compound (PACs) in ambient air of Svalbard. Concentrations, seasonal trends, sources, andtransformation processes Tatiana Drotikova
9-11 Nov Conference: Arctic Safety – Best practices and scientific knowledge
28 Oct PhD trial lecture: Sustainable organic analytical chemistry, beyond being only green chemistry Tatiana Drotikova
26 Oct Lunch seminar: Automotive Lidar for geophysical applications Muckenhuber,
15 Oct SCOPE: The student-led conference on polar education UNIS students
29 Sep Lunch Seminar: JOIDES Resolution broadcasting live with Peter Betlem Peter Betlem
10 Sep PhD disputation: Snow avalanche controls, monitoring strategies, and hazard management in Svalbard Holt Hancock
17 Jun PhD disputation:Energetic electron precipitation of pulsating aurorae and their mesospheric effects” Fasil Tesema Kebede
16 Jun PhD disputation: “Temporal constraints on reproduction and growth in a seasonal environment” Anna Ejsmond
28 May PhD trial lecture: “Drivers of migration in insects and birds” Anna Ejsmond
28 April PhD trial lecture: “What is turbulence, and do we understand it?” Fasil Tesema Kebede
8 Apr PhD disputation: New insight into the Taxonomy, Biostratigraphy, and Paleoecology of Jurassic – Cretaceous Arctic foraminifera Hanna Rósa Hjálmarsdóttir
25 Mar Webinar: Sikkerhet på tur på 90 minutter Arctic Safey Centre, UNIS, m. flere
2 Mar PhD disputation: Pore Pressure Regimes of the Northern Barents Shelf – Implications for Fluid Flow Thomas Birchall
22 Jan PhD disputation: “Characterising Mesoscale Fast Flow Channels in the Polar Cap Ionosphere” Katie Herlingshaw
19 Jan – 4 Feb Svalbardseminaret 2021 (Svalbard Seminar Series)




Date  Topic Speakers
27 Nov PhD trial lecture: “Carl Friedrich Gauss and his work on the geomagnetic field”. Katie Herlingshaw
12 Nov Master thesis defense: «Aerodynamic Roughness Length of Crevassed Tidewater Glaciers from UAV Mapping» Armin Dachauer
06 Nov PhD disputation: Microbial eukaryotes and their functional importance in the Arctic. A Svalbardian perspective Magdalena Wutkowska
02 Nov PhD disputation: “Ocean motion in the Yermak Plateau – tidal and air-ocean interactions Eli Anne Ersdal
21-24 Sep Kurs i isbjørnsikkerhet for lokalbefolkningen Fred Skancke Hansen m.fl.
22 Sep PhD disputation: Short-term tundra plant-community nutrient responses to herbivory and warming Matteo Petit Bon
18 Jun Svalbox – An interactive portal providing Svalbard’s geoscientific data Kim Senger
15 Jun Master thesis defense: Rapid temperature rise may have triggered glacier surges all over Svalbard Erik Schytt Holmlund
27 May Bedre værvarsel i arktiske områder
Meteorologisk Institutt m.fl.
19 May PhD disputation: Warmer and Wetter Winters over the high-latitude North Atlantic Siiri Wickström
11 Mar Lunch Seminar: Seismic modelling of faults; viable geometries vs seismic resolution in the subsurface Thea Sveva Faleide, University of Oslo
27 Feb PhD disputation: Development of extension growth basins: A field based study, Svalbard, Norway. Aleksandra Smyrak-Sikora
26 Feb Lunch seminar:  How far can we go with Immersive Virtual Reality using Mosis Lab? (PDF)
Rafael Kenji Horota and Pedro Rossa (Unisinos University, Sao Leopoldo, Brazil)
12 Feb Lunch seminar: Understanding the Role and Significance of Fjord Sediments in the Global Carbon Cycle (PDF)
Craig Smeaton, University of St. Andrews
9 Feb Svalbardtraktaten 100 år! Sysselmannen på Svalbard, Svalbard Museum og UNIS markerer jubileet med foredrag, mandskorsang og traktatkake.
Kjerstin Askholt, Thor K. Sættem, Per Kyrre Reymert, Thor Bjørn Arlov, Kristian Jervell.
15 – 28 Jan Svalbardseminaret 2020 (Svalbard Seminar Series) Various


Date  Topic Speakers
18 Dec PhD dissertation: Solar proton impact in the middle atmosphere Erkka Heino
2 Dec Lunch seminar: Winter cyclones and Svalbard weather Siiri Wickström
20 Nov PhD dissertation: New insights into Calanus glacialis and C. finmarchicus distributions, life histories and physiology in high-latitude seas Maja Hatlebakk
23 Sep Shipping in the Arctic – where is it headed? Stein Sandven, Arild Moe, Julia Olsen
26 June Lunch seminar: The Eurekan deformation in the Arctic – architecture and kinematics of a strange fold belt Karsten Piepjohn
8 June Arctic Frontiers Open – Smart Arctic – det nye Longyearbyen?
23 May Lunch seminar: A story as clear as mud…how climate history is recorded in a Svalbard glacial lake Professor Mike Retelle
16 May Lunch seminar: Hyperspectral Imagers for Drones and Micro Satellites Fred Sigernes
13–15 May Arctic Safety Conference: Managing risks in a changing Arctic Stein P. Aasheim, Ilan Kelman + +
9 May Lunch seminar: Permafrost research across the Canadian north Ullrich Neuman
8 May MATLAB for Analyzing and Visualizing Geospatial Data
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Loren Shure
23 Apr BioCEED seminar: Flipped classrooms and team-based learning Pernille B. Eidesen
23 Apr Celebration of UNIS’ first Excellent Teaching Practitioner, Pernille B. Eidesen
29 Mar PhD disputation: Ecophysiological responses of sea ice algae and phytoplankton to a changing Arctic Ane Cecilie Kvernvik
29 Mar Lunch seminar: Drone operations at UNIS
Sara Cohen, Marius Jonassen, Marcos Porcires, Sebastian Sikora
28 Mar Master thesis defense: The Advent River system, central Svalbard – A high-resolution analysis of sediment flux from a dynamic arctic river mouth
Martijn Rodenburg
28 Mar Lunch seminar: Arctic Clouds – ACLOUD campaign around Svalbard Prof. Susanne Crewell
19 Mar Open meeting: Framtidens klima: Hva kan vi lære av Svalbardsamfunnet? Jan-Gunnar Winther, Kjerstin Askholt, ++
18 Mar Lunch seminar: Cold origin of land plants Jakub Dan Zarsky
15 Mar Lunch seminar: The Lemming cycle: Myth, facts and population drivers Thomas Bjørnboe G. Berg
7 Mar Lunch seminar: The Importance of Pore Pressure Tom Birchall
4 Mar Lunch seminar: Internal waves as nutrient pump in the ocean John Grue, UiO
18–28 Feb Open afternoon course: The Stormy Sun and the Northern Lights Pål Brekke
21 Feb Lunch seminar: Confirming the role of sea-ice brines in carbon sequestration: A cold, dark journey Lisa A. Miller, Centre for Ocean Climate Chemistry, Institute of Ocean Sciences, Canada
20 Feb PhD disputation: Drivers of the marine CO2 system in the High Arctic – from the deep basins to the shallow fjords Ylva Ericson
4 Feb Framtidens klima på Svalbard og i Longyearbyen (folkemøte)
Se video fra møtet her
21 Jan–1 Feb Open afternoon course: The History of Svalbard Thor Bjørn Arlov
15–29 Jan 2019 Svalbardseminaret (Svalbard Seminar Series) – See presentations on SlideShare Various
20 Jan 2019 Longyearbyen survival workshop for students The Student Counselling Centre, Tromsø
14–18 Jan 2019 SIOS Polar Night Week
7 Jan 2019 Spring semester opening

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