Snorre Olaussen

Snorre Olaussen

Snorre Olaussen

Professor in Arctic Petroleum Geology

Phone: +47 79 02 33 49
Room: A 215

Research interests:

My main research topic is on basin fill deposits in the North Atlantic and the Arctic realm with focus on regional geology/basin studies, petroleum geology/energy resources and CCS.

Centre affiliation:

ARCEx: Research Centre for Arctic Petroleum Exploration
Leader of Work Package 2: Petroleum Systems and Play Concepts

Research projects:

  • Longyearbyen CO2 reservoir assessment, UNIS CO₂ Lab AS and unconventional reservoirs as storage units.
    (RIS ID: 2999)
    More information: UNIS CO2 Lab homepage
  • Lower Cretaceous Basin development and fill in the northern Atlantic, Barents Sea and Svalbard (RIS ID: 5843; 3522)
  • Hydrocarbon seeps and geochemical characterisation of potential source rocks in the Northern Barents Sea. Onshore offshore link (RIS ID: 5893)
  • Improved facies description and interpretation of Triassic and Jurassic shallow marine sandstone reservoirs based on outcrops analogues (RIS ID: 3521; 4746; 4747; 5682)
  • Depositional settings of mixed siliciclastic carbonate deposits of the Palaeozoic (Oslo Graben North Sea, Barents Sea and Svalbard) – (RIS ID: 4748)
  • Basin development and fill of Upper Palaeozoic and Lower Mesozoic extensional basins in Svalbard and on the NW Barents shelf (RIS ID: 6045)
  • Optimal use of subsurface data for input to estimation of oil and gas resources in High Arctic basins.


Peer reviewed articles with a UNIS affinity (Pdf)

Snorre Olaussen in UNIS news:

30.05.2013: UNIS partner in new Arctic petroleum centre
10.05.2013: UNIS CO2 Lab: Large reservoir identified



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